At La Palmosa, our record speaks for itself. We offer the finest free range desert bighorn sheep hunting in the world on more than 100,000 acres of private mountain range with five star accommodations, gourmet food and well trained native guides in a safe and secure region of Mexico.

La Palmosa has been in our family for more than 70 years, first as a livestock operation and then converted exclusively for the management of wildlife in the early 1990’s. By using proven management practices for desert game animals, enhancing habitat, creating water projects among other actions we have built our desert sheep numbers to a healthy sustainable herd of more than 600 animals and hunt only a fraction of the available mature rams each year. These management practices have allowed La Palmosa to become the undisputed leader in quality, trophy desert bighorn sheep hunting. Anyone can say they are the best, but our record backs up our claim.

The actual hunt starts early each morning directly from the main lodge where you are transported to the base of sheep country using jeeps or UTV’s. You and your guide team, including an English speaking team member, will spend the day in typical desert sheep hunting mode, hiking and glassing for a ram that meets your standards and criteria. It is true free range hunting and no guarantees are made or represented but La Palmosa hunts are close to 100% successful.

Elevations range from 4,200’ up to 8.600’ and depending on the weather conditions and time of year, sheep can be found from the lower mesas on up to the tops of the tallest peaks.

Of course, sheep being sheep, some rams often inhabit the most rugged areas, although some other rams have been found in places where hunters of average physical capabilities can readily access them without much difficulty.