Desert sheep

Our rams are known for starting out with heavy bases and carrying the weight well all throughout their horns. Most of the rams we harvest range between 9 to 10 years and most of them end up being ‘book’ rams. You can expect to see rams that score between 170 and 180” inches Boone and Crocket.

mexican central plateau whitetail 

La Palmosa is home to some of the largest Mexican Central Plateau Whitetails found anywhere with world record class bucks taken each year. Mexican Central Plateau Whitetails, known as the sub species Miquihuanensis, is now recognized by Safari Club International as a separate awards category. Frequenting both our desert mountain ranges and lower foot hill elevations, Mexican Central Plateau Whitetails are similar in size and habits to Coues deer but tend to have more horn mass. A true Gary Ghost and worthy of any trophy quest. Normally hunted during the December rut.

Mule deer

While Mule Deer densities in the Chihuahuan Desert are not high, our numbers are increasing each year and benefiting from the habitat and water improvements put in place for desert sheep. We only encourage taking large, mature bucks and most hunting is done during the January rut when the bucks transit through known areas of the ranch in search of does. The ranch is known for producing bucks with wide frames and an excess of antler mass.


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to hunt High Desert Mexican Elk. Like many ranches in the Southwest desert, La Palmosa has remote, resident herds of free range elk. We hunt a very limited number of our mature bulls. We expect this hunt to have a high success rate and antler growth will depend on rainfall as we have the age class available to produce trophy bulls given the right conditions.