7 day Sheep Hunts

Sheep Hunts are all priced one on one, however for two hunters wishing to share the ranch, we offer a discount. Each hunter still has their own guide team as well as exclusive lodging and would be hunting a different area of the ranch each day.

$85,000  each    One sheep hunter, exclusive use of ranch and                                       lodge

$75,000  each    Two or more sheep and/or deer hunters at the                                     same time.       

If sheep hunter tags out early, adding whitetails, mule deer or elk hunts is possible pending availability of tags. 


4 Day Mexican Central Plateau Whitetail Hunt $7,500

4 Day Desert Mule Deer Hunt $12,000


4 Day Mexican High Desert Elk Hunt $9,500

Like many ranches in the Southwest desert, La Palmosa has remote, resident herds of free range elk. We hunt a very limited number of our mature bulls. We expect this hunt to have a high success rate and antler growth will depend on rainfall as we have the age class available to produce trophy bulls given the right conditions.